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Bruface Pre-admission

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Welcome to the BRUFACE pre-admission webpages.

The pre-admission has been introduced to help you in your ambition to start your Master studies at our Universities ULB and VUB, where the BRUFACE Masters are jointly organized.

You can enter an application at any time! We ask you to upload a minimum of documents which will allow us to judge if your academic background meets the prerequisites required for the Master of your choice. A motivated pre-admission response will be given within 14 calendar days.

Our response is in no way a full admission. If the response is positive, you will be directed towards the appropriate admission webpages where you can submit a full application. Please keep in mind you will have to prove the validity of your documents at full admission.

Pre-admission and admission applications are not free of charge. The fee for pre-admission and admission totals 50 euro, to be paid at pre-admission. If you enroll for the Bruface masters this fee will be reimbursed.

Tuition fees for the next academic year are expected to be 835 euros for permanent residents in the EU or EFTA countries. Outside these countries, the tuition fee is expected to be 2500 euros.

For more information about the BRUFACE Master programs please go to the BRUFACE website.

Attention next deadlines!
Students needing a visa : March 31st 2023 12AM CET for the academic year 2023-2024.
Students NOT needing a visa : September 30th 2023 12AM CET, for the academic year 2023-2024.